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July 9, 2012

Charity Motors–Accepts Car Donations for Charity besides Auctioning Vehicles

Most people consider auto auctions as a place to purchase a decent car at an affordable or even an unusually low price. If you know what you’re doing, it is probably a good choice, and assuming you’re willing to do the necessary legwork.

Another benefit from some auto auctions is as a place to dispose of an unwanted car, as an alternative to attempting to sell it directly, especially if you are interested in giving to charity and gaining a tax benefit in the process.

Charity Motors in Detroit accepts donated vehicles, allows you to direct your donation to any church, school, or charity you choose, guarantees the full market value of your car at the time of you donation (no waiting for the car to sell), and provides the necessary tax record of your donation. If you do not have a particular charity you have chosen or favor, you can select on of Charity Motor’s favorites or simply let them decide for you. You also get the satisfaction of a secondary level of charity in your donation, as Charity Motors uses donated cars in their own special transportation assistance program to help the underprivileged with transportation.  So you make a donation to charity of the value of your car to your chosen charity, a comparable tax deduction, and the car in turn helps people who cannot afford their own, making Charity Motors the ideal place if you wish to donate a vehicle.

Charity Motors has donated more than 24 million dollars to over 2000 charities; some of their choices are listed here. Charity Motors also holds a weekly auction on Saturdays and direct retail sales from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Their telephone number is 888.908.CARS .

May 25, 2012

Auto Auctions Learning Curve–Experienced Insights Welcome!

Most of us have a casual familiarity with auctions.  Since the advent of eBay, many have tried their hand at bidding to get an item we wanted, and a good many of us have probably gotten stung, bought an item cheap that turned out to be damaged in some way or worn out.  If, as in my case, the item was a used book, as long as the pages were all present, it was okay, but what if the item costs a bit more.  Suppose you want to bid on a car?

A trifling bit of research turned up 14,792 companies in Michigan that do auto auctions, and so far I’ve also found police auctions, insurance auctions, charity auctions, salvage auctions, and places that will sell your car by auction.  EBay has a huge auto auction section.  Some auction facilities are clearly for dealers only, who buy for resale.  Still, if you’re buying a used car, you need to know how to guard against getting junk for you money (unless, of course, you intend to buy junk!).

Years ago, I bought a used car directly from the owner.  He lied to me.  Why didn’t I expect that?  Young, trusting, stupid–you pick–but I just didn’t really expect to be cheated.  With a major purchase like a car, truck, or RV, a prospective buyer must assume that trickery and deceit are more than possible and guard against them.

One article I found especially warned against the risks of buying a salvaged vehicle, likely seriously damaged by flood, fire, accident, or vandalism.  Such a vehicle, partially repaired, may look good and still be a mess.  Furthermore, an unscrupulous dealer might even attempt to hide such a history.  Furthermore, if this is a risk in the case where you may directly inspect the vehicle, how much greater is the risk in an on line auction setting.

My objective here is to enhance this site to make it the most useful and informative.  I have things to learn, and I hope some of you readers will help with your insights, experience, stories, and wisdom.  Just leave some good comments; include a link to your Michigan-based auto auction business, if you like, and I will very likely include you in a profile if you’re not already here and improve those we do.

March 12, 2012

Salvage Car Auctions – Insider Tips on How to Save Up to 95% at a Salvaged Car Auction Event!

Why are the prices at government salvaged car auctions as low as 95% of the normal price?

To understand this you need to know the difference between an auction situation and your local car dealer: At salvaged car auctions the price of the auctioned vehicle is determined by the audience. Usually in a salvage car auction, several bids are made on a vehicle that is up for auction, and the bidder with the highest bid gets to buy the car. In contrast to this, the price at your local car dealer is chosen by the car-seller at his own determination and most of the time the only thing you can do is to accept the price or to walk away. This is why the prices at such auctions are significantly lower than the prices for comparable cars at your local car dealer.

Most of the salvage car auctions are held by the US Government and affiliated agencies. They need to make regularly such auctions to get rid of seized, repossessed or salvaged cars in the stocks especially because the maintenance of all the salvaged, repossessed or seized cars does cost a lot of money for the government and is not in line with a reasonable usage of the tax payers money.

Right now, with the current financial crisis and the occurring global economic downturn, a lot of people are in default with repaying their loans and mortgages of their houses or car loans. Due to such default, the number of confiscated cars and salvaged car auctions is more and more on the rise. For many people with limited financial funds and who are in desperate need of a car these salvaged car auctions have become a life saving solution. The savings are immense and often they not only find some average car, but a premium car they always have dreamed of and never imagined to afford. The premium cars and SUV’s many managers have bought with a loan before the credit crunch hit hard on them are now for sale for everybody who is clever enough to jump on this unique opportunity.

In order to make the best bargains and find the best salvaged cars at an auction, one needs to know some about the tactics and the formalities at these auctions. Without the knowledge it can take more time to get the best deal or to find the right car. To really save as much as 95% you need to make yourself familiar with a very few clever guidelines. Following these few fundamental tips closely will help you get your salvaged car you have always dreamt of. If you feel that you are not too comfortable about the bidding mechanism or cannot properly identify the car condition, then it is better to read more on this topic.

I cannot stress this enough: Many people could have saved a significant amount of their money in salvaged car auctions auctions if they had obeyed some simple rules and had some fundamental relevant information regarding the car desired to be purchased. You should at least read some step-by-step guideline of the auction process and the things you need to bring with you. Help of the internet can definitely be taken at this stage.

Click here for [] – in-depth information [] along with a step-by-step guideline on how to buy your dream car without spending all your money.

Hector Calavera is a car-fanatic who loves to purchase and resell cars and apart from being a businessman, he loves to write about cars, music and fine arts.

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March 10, 2012

Government Auctions

Government auctions can be a great place to find vehicles at affordable prices! There are several auctions around the state that auction off a variety of government vehicles that are no longer needed by the State of Michigan.

This website gives a list of up and coming government auctions. While we would like to eventually included all of these auctions on our site, for now, we will just point you to this useful website.

Remember that government auctions do not only include ex-police cars, they can also include cars used by various other government departments including the DMV, DOT, and other arenas of government.

Thanks for checking out Please stay tuned for more information about auctions in our great state.